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Data Structure and User Reality

Business Events and Mathematical Modeling

What is User Focused Data Architecture?
We've got a library of plays written by various authors. Every spring and fall we decide to put on a certain play. This effort is called a production. We determine which of our volunteers will play which roles Ė yes, we have set roles, such as male lead, stage director, producer, and so forth. Of course, we also publish the schedule of the shows. Each production might have anywhere between six and twelve shows. These shows might be at any one of a number of venues. We want to put up a website where people can go to see what productions we're doing, who is in them, and when and where the shows are."

Below is an example of a data structure that reflects this user's reality:

Can you see how the userís description gets cleanly mapped to the entries in the table? How all the data pertinent to the volunteers gets captured in the Volunteers table? How, when a volunteer plays a role in a production, the Volunteer Production Role table makes it easy to record the Production, the Role, the Volunteer, and the Description? And how easy it would be to produce not only a schedule, but a playbill? This is because the data structure accurately reflects the userís reality.

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