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The Weakest Link in Business

Data Structure and User Reality

Business Events and Mathematical Modeling

What is User Focused Data Architecture?

User Expertise matters

Users can conceive new ideas and ways of doing business. They can implement these ideas in well-executed business plans. They can articulate these concepts and implementations by describing them to others (in fact, if the implementation is successful and the beer good, itís hard to get them to stop.)

But you can see how each "link" needs to be strong for everything to work. The concepts need to be strong, the implementation thorough, and the articulation clear for the enterprise to succeed. If any step is weak or missing, the entire enterprise is endangered. For instance, we all know people who are great at concepts and articulation, but never quite get around to implementation. Would you trust your enterprise to someone like that?

In order for Information Systems to support enterprises, technicians need to understand the user's "links" as well as their own. For technicians have links, too - they just think of them differently. Technical links consist of the familiar tools and techniques technicians have mastered and used with such success.

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