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The Weakest Link in Business

Data Structure and User Reality

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What is User Focused Data Architecture?

The Weakest Link in Business

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You remember the old proverb: "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link." This old saying is as true as it ever was. In any sequence where each step depends upon another, the success of the entire sequence depends on the strength of each step. The length of the chain and soundness of the anchor donít matter as much as the strength of the weakest member of the chain.

This is particularly important when considering Information Systems support of an enterprise. Information Systems exists to support end users. Technicians donít just move bytes around, then move them to support the operations of some end users. Though these users may not understand Information Systems intricacies, they certainly understand their operations. In fact, user operations could be thought of as a chain in their own right, something like this: