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What is User Focused Data Architecture?
Why not? It's surprisingly affordable, and may be just what you need to best use your computing resources.

If you've tried to equip your business with software that goes beyond basic accounting packages and spreadsheets, you know that serious operational software can cost anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousand dollars and that's just the initial licensing cost. Then you've got maintenance, training, systems upgrades, release cycles, and help desk costs.

Furthermore, somebody else's software forces you to run your business somebody else's way. If it's a good fit, great - but if it's not, then your business is being hobbled by the very software meant to help it.

Is this what you're paying so much for?

JCK is experienced with the most modern tools for building software. Furthermore, we're experienced in techniques to swiftly and accurately gather your data requirements (hey, we teach other companies all over the continent how to do it.) We can bring these skills to your operation, learn just what you need, and use the best tools to build just the right solution for you. It will gather the data you want the way you want it. Your system will be fit to your way of doing things, so there will be minimum retraining costs. Furthermore, when it's done, you'll own the software. You won't have to keep paying license or upgrade fees. It'll be yours to keep, modify, and upgrade as you see fit.

Are you tired of paying for a whole lotta trouble? Call JCK to discover how affordable and sensible a custom system can be for you.