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What is User Focused Data Architecture?

We’d be happy to help.

Sometimes the stakes on a project are too high to risk mishandling. If having freshly trained students construct your data architecture makes you nervous, you can engage our seasoned facilitators to help. With decades of experience in a broad range of fields using the best techniques available, we do data architecture better than anyone.

Whether your users are enthusiastic, skeptical, or even hostile, our facilitators can work with them (because we have). Using our time-proven methods, we can turn the focus where it belongs – to the user’s expertise – and keep it there. We can get the users explaining their operations and thinking about it to a depth they never have before. We can get them to define vague, overlapping, or contradictory terms. We can help them and your developers both understand how the model reflects their reality, which will pay tremendous dividends during implementation.

We’ll even try to keep them amused, if it will help.

Don’t worry about how difficult the project is. We’ve sorted out projects of intractable complexity with users who detested consultants. We’ve worked under time pressure, administrative pressure, and public pressure – and we’ve always delivered.

When we’re done, we can coach your technicians in how to document the model clearly – or we can do it for you. We can help turn the model into a schema and associated metadata – or we can just go home. We’ll provide just the help you need, for a very reasonable price.