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What is User Focused Data Architecture?
“Consultant” can sound intimidating, especially in the world of information systems.

It smacks of “we’re here to set you straight.”

Or “we, who know things, are here to help you, who do not.”

And especially “it’s all about us.”

At JCK, we do things differently. Maybe it’s because we started as a training consultancy, so we’re oriented toward equipping you. Maybe it’s because the techniques we teach are focused on the expertise of the users, not the consultants.

Whatever the reason, our focus is on enabling you – not prolonging a consulting gig. You can rent our expertise for as long as you need, and we’ll work on getting you to the point where you don’t need us any more.

Maybe you’re a large business facing a massive data architecture project that you want handled by a seasoned expert. Maybe you’re a small business who can’t afford an information systems staff, but need some help. Maybe you’re a midsize business who needs help setting up a decision support system. Whatever your reason, JCK consulting can give you just as much help as you need, for just as long as you need us.

Take a look at some of our areas of expertise. If you need some help in those areas, drop us a line. If you don't see what you need, drop us a line anyway - we have a wide network of competent and reputable colleagues who have even broader expertise, and we'll probably be able to find what you need.