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What is User Focused Data Architecture?

Those who teach - do. And do well.

When you make the outrageous claim that the design techniques you teach can significantly speed up development and reduce implementation complications, you'd better be able to back that up with actual results.

Fortunately, we are.

Nearly 20 years of design and development experience have given us valuable experience with everything from major corporations to small shops. In every case, we've used the techniques we teach to develop robust systems quickly and without extensive delays and complications. Here is a sampling of some of our projects:

Client Project Description
Crescent Corporation ERP System Crescent Corporation of Michigan was an early innovator in the world of durable medical equipment. But their worldwide sales and mushrooming success was causing them in-house headaches as their last-generation order fulfillment and shipment tracking procedures were failing to get their products to their customers accurately. They called JCK for help, and we turned to BEAM as our analytical methodology.

Swiftly capturing their essential business events, JCK constructed a full ERP system that suited their operations and implementation environment. Later this was expanded to include Payroll and other additions. Due to the flexibility and power of BEAM, all modifications were able to be folded into the base system with minimal effort and no disruption of existing processes.
Aarbor International Order & Client Management Aarbor International is a manufacturer of industrial pigments with facilities in Brighton, Michigan and Shanhai, China. They needed a comprehensive order management and billing system, and engaged JCK in cooperation with One-Point Systems. Following a BEAM analysis of their operations, JCK constructed a comprehensive order and customer management system for them.
Grace Engineering /
G5 Hunting Supplies
Data Warehouse Grace Engineering, home of innovative G5 hunting products, needed a data warehouse to integrate their production and accounting systems. They called JCK, and we used BEAM DSS to design a system to their specs. Merging data from different databases using different access engines, we built them a up-to-date, OLAP-capable database that enables them to track sales and production trends.
Structural Systems Job Management & Cut Optimization system Structural Systems of Roseville, Michigan had a problem: nobody published software that would do what they needed. They could find software that would let them manage jobs and inventory, but nothing could perform their most vital task: optimizing their job cuts against inventory to minimize waste, optimize usage, and decrease material handling. So they engaged JCK to write the software for them.

Starting with a BEAM analysis of their operation, JCK went on to construct a complete shop management program that enabled them to track their costs, jobs, customers, waste, and inventory. The optimization engine enabled them to cut their waste dramatically, but the system also enabled them to decrease data input, streamline data flow, improve product delivery, heighten quality, and reduce manpower.
Ignatius Press Publication & Financial Systems integration Ignatius Press of San Francisco is a publisher and worldwide distributor of theological and philosophical works. When they needed to update the link between their custom publication management system and their third-party accounting system, they called JCK. We updated them to the current generation of their technology, moved their database to a more suitable platform, and ironed out a few long-troublesome bugs in the process.
Campion College College Management System Campion College of San Francisco got started in a hurry, so when they called JCK for help with a computer system, they were already behind the game. Fortunately BEAM analysis is the fastest available, so after interviews with their registrar and president, we were able to get moving quickly on an implementation. With a slender budget and overstretched staff, Campion couldnít afford cost overruns or incremental implementation with numerous failures. JCK was able to deliver a system that managed every aspect of the collegeís operations, including some aspects particular to Campionís unique environment Ė all within one semester!

Campion gave us a 4.0 for that one.
Manistee & Newaygo County
Community Mental Health
Data warehouse & HIPAA reporting application The Manistee and Newaygo County Community Mental Health organizations needed to produce HIPAA compliant reports for their regional and state organizations, and they had only a few months to make it happen. Their software vendors, though, hadnít yet equipped their software to produce the files, and the capability was years away. They turned to JCK. We helped them create data warehouses into which their operational data was loaded and translated into forms in conformance with their reporting requirements. We constructed an application to create and manage the EDI files they were required to submit. This worked so well that they asked us to add on another application that created their quarterly summary reports, which required integrating information from their financial system. Since the warehouse was already there, and BEAM-based structures are flexible enough to accommodate any change, the enhancements were no trouble. Furthermore, the inevitable annual changes in reporting requirements can be added with a minimum of fuss an no disruption of existing operations.