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What is User Focused Data Architecture?
Claims on a website are one thing; the validity of those claims in actual field experience is quite another – especially when the claims challenge the prevailing wisdom of an entire industry.

JCK has been in business for nearly 20 years – about ten times as long as most independent IT consultancies. We’ve not only taught but used the principles of user-focused data architecture across North America, from Boston to Mexico City. We’ve been called in on situations that well-known IT consultancies have walked away from. We’ve helped our customers untangle some of the knottiest, messiest operational realities imaginable. We’ve served as a resource for some of the biggest names in the software industry. Take a look at some of our projects and accomplishments. If you’ve further questions, or would like references, we’d be happy to provide them.

We also have had the privilege of working with some very fine colleagues – other consultancies and integration firms that teach and use many of these same principles. These professionals have a wide range of experience in many industries, implementation environments, and project scopes. We regularly work with them, which means when you call JCK, you have the support of an entire network of expertise.