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What is User Focused Data Architecture?

User-Focused Data Architecture. Not just for classrooms.

Here are but a few of the data projects on which we’ve taught and/or consulted:

Client Project Description
Health Care COMPARE, Chicago, IL Enterprise Architecture During the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, Health Care COMPARE rode the explosive expansion of medical managed care to tremendous growth – and data mayhem. Reconciling the data from their disparate systems was a nightmare, so they decided to build a comprehensive model of all the data in their organization to serve as the foundation for their new systems. They contacted JCK, who provided training in ERA™ and facilitation services. With strong management support and enthusiastic user participation, the effort paid off. Health Care COMPARE’s strong system foundation helped them to ride out the industry shakeout in the late ‘90s, and they remained competitive thanks to their responsive systems.
First Health Corporation, Sacramento Unified Claims Formed by the merger of two health care giants, First Health Corporation faced the challenge of merging two different claims systems that were responsible for processing up to a million claims per day. Accuracy and integrity were paramount, so First Health called JCK to facilitate a crash data architecture session to capture the expertise of the knowledgeable parties from both systems. The resultant design served as the foundation for a successful and powerful claims management system.
Virginia Medicaid (through First Health) Enterprise Architecture When a major national Medicaid consulting firm walked away from the contract to rewrite Virginia’s Medicaid system, First Health Corporation stepped in to pick up the job. Already behind schedule, under tight pressure, and facing millions in non-delivery penalties, First Health once again called on JCK. In several architecture sessions, JCK experts worked with the system experts to hammer out a flexible design of high integrity. Using this design, First Health went on to deliver a robust, useable system, succeeding where other firms had failed because of their focus on the user.
Nationwide Insurance Classic Life Products When Nationwide Insurance wanted to redesign their systems to manage their classic life insurance offerings, they turned to their in-house experts: their experienced users. They brought in JCK to teach them ERA™ and then coach them through a facilitated architecture session. The session translated the user’s expertise into a well-designed and clearly defined data architecture – and it only too two days!
McKesson Corporation Nationwide Transport system McKesson is one of the largest pharmaceutical distribution firms in the nation. Delivering all the products to the right centers is the responsibility of their Transport division. When they found their computer systems inadequate to manage their shipments, they asked JCK to help them design a new one. In three days, JCK helped turn the user’s expertise into an architecture that served as the basis for their nationwide distribution system.
National Trust, Toronto Nationwide branch management National Trust Toronto needed a system to manage their bank branches across Canada. They engaged JCK to teach them ERA™, and then to facilitate a session with their users to design the system within two days.
MESC (through KPMG Peat Marwick) Enterprise Architecture In the late 1980’s the Michigan Employment Security Commission endured a tortuous, failed attempt to implement a comprehensive system to manage all aspects of their operation. This was a classic system failure, with millions of taxpayer dollars lost and careers ruined in a high-profile implementation crash-and-burn. It was still fresh in the minds of many when the State of Michigan went to try again in the mid 1990’s. They engaged Big Five accounting firm KPMG Peat Marwick to design and build a new system to succeed where the prior implementation had failed. The first step in the design was the data architecture, and for that KPMG called JCK.

Working with skeptical users – some of whom had endured the disaster of a decade before – JCK managed to build a foundational architecture for a complete system that would serve all MESC’s varied needs. In the process, the users warmed to the effort and provided invaluable expertise, including critical operational definitions. The architecture effort was completed in several multi-day sessions that spanned a couple of months, and the design was used to construct the working system for which the MESC had waited so long.
Scotiabank Inverlat Casa de Bolsa (stock trading house) Scotiabank Inverlat (then Grupo Financero Inverlat) of Mexico City needed a system to manage trades for their Casa de Bolsa. They had learned and used ERA™ for years, and engaged JCK to help them start a data design as the first step in their development effort. With experienced coaching, their data architects interviewed their users and constructed the data structures and ironed out the definitions. This was all done in Spanish, demonstrating that UFDA can be done in any language at all.
NOAA Harbor Environmental Instrument project The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is responsible for gathering data from a network of environmental sensors planted at seaports and shipping channels across the continent. The reading are posted in near real time on websites that assist shipping traffic to transit waterways safely. The volume of data is massive, and the accurate delivery critical. When they wanted to rebuild the system to keep pace with changes, NOAA engaged JCK to assist with the data design. In two days of architecture effort, JCK helped the NOAA users and technicians develop a clear design for the new system. As an additional bonus, several vague and ill-defined terms which had been causing confusion for them were clarified and properly defined.