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What is User Focused Data Architecture?

Business Event Analysis & Modeling™

The system design technique that allows you to make the most of your best – and cheapest – data consultants.
With most systems development and data analysis techniques, it’s all about the outside consultants. Their expertise, their methodologies, their development styles, their certifications.

Their billing rates.

This would not be so bad if it worked. But it doesn't. Despite galloping advances in system and software sophistication, not to mention stratospheric data consulting rates, the failure rate for development efforts is still about 70%.

In other words, system development success is the exception, not the rule.

Even with the high-priced outside data consultants.
“Only 28 percent of IT projects are delivered on schedule and within budget — which tends to suggest that nothing much changes within the IT world … similar levels of project failure were being trotted out 20 years [ago]…”

from Unisys World

The irony is...

...you’re already paying for data consultants: your employees. They know your operations and data like nobody else. They are the experts on the critical events you must track in order to succeed. And they come at a very good price!

If you could quickly and easily extract that expertise and turn it into data blueprints, you would have the foundations for systems that could manage your most critical data effectively and supported your operations well.

Extracting that expertise is what the expensive outside consultants are supposed to do. But things often seem to get lost in translation. Which may explain that high failure rate.

If only...

...your in-house experts could do their own data analysis. Your operational experts could describe their business events quickly and cleanly. Your technical experts could document these events clearly and accurately. This design document could become the blueprint for your entire system.

Sound impossible? Think again.

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