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What is User Focused Data Architecture?

Data Analysis that everyone can learn & use. Even you.

Data analysis is the first and most vital step in system design. A good analysis of the operational data will produce a “blueprint” that will guide the entire development effort.

You may be thinking, “That sounds too esoteric – and too critical – to entrust to amateurs.” That’s just what the outside consultants would like you to think, but keep in mind that your employees aren’t amateurs. They are professionals in your operation, which is the most critical expertise to have. Beyond that, all they need is to be trained how to translate that expertise into a data blueprint.

Business Event Analysis & Modeling (BEAM) is just such a technique. It isn’t abstract, esoteric, or difficult to master. Everyone can learn it: technicians, analysts, end users – even managers.

With BEAM, your team can learn how to communicate quickly and clearly about the core data of your operation without bringing anyone in from the outside.

Unless you want to.
"Technology projects very seldom fail for technology reasons… By far the highest percentage of failures results from human communications issues."

from Information Week

About this blueprint...

Data analysis using BEAM is amazingly swift and to-the-point. There are three vital results of an analysis session:
  • Precise data structure - this is the heart of any system design. This is the main deliverable of BEAM sessions: a clear, straightforward set of table structures with sample data that captures the user's situation.
  • Accurate operational definitions - both users and technicians will have a clear understanding of exactly what every operational term means.
  • Common understanding - one of the most critical outcomes of BEAM analysis is a common understanding of the operation by all involved in the effort. This is something no outside consultant can offer, and its benefits will go far beyond the development effort.

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