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What is User Focused Data Architecture?
Extended Relational Analysis has helped thousands of organizations streamline their application development by strengthening the weakest link in the cycle: communications between the users and developers. If you want to put that experience to work in your environment – whatever your environment might be – then sign up for a class, or contact us for more information.

JCK Principal Roger Thomas was trained in Extended Relational Analysis by Gerry himself, and eventually took over ERA instruction at Relational Systems’ classroom. JCK has taught and used ERA across the continent for nearly 20 years.

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Extended Relational Analysis. The original.
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JCK ERA Course Offerings

Class Duration Summary
ERA™ Overview 0.5 days Introduction to ERA concepts. Suitable for anyone, targeted toward users, managers, and the curious.
ERA™ Workshop 3 days Complete course in how to use ERA to build a user-focused data architecture. Suitable for designers, lead developers, and power users.

(ERA is optimized for designing data structures to support transactional systems. If you need a decision support system such as a data mart or data warehouse, our BEAM for Decision Support Systems designed for that purpose. For a summary of the difference, contact us or read our article Transactional and Decision Support Systems: the Data Structure difference.)