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What is User Focused Data Architecture?

Extended Relational Analysis ™

Yes, itís still available. And yes, it works as well as it ever did.

About thirty years ago, a radical thinker named Gerry Rzeppa brought together a few simple ideas and built a technique that changed the world of data analysis.

Ideas like...
  • ...users understand their situations, and can describe them accurately in ordinary language
  • ...well-constructed relational tables can accurately reflect a userís reality
  • ...if a situation can be described, it can be captured in a well-constructed set of tables using sound relational principles
  • ...well-constructed tables are simple for both users and analysts to understand
  • ...well-constructed tables form a sound foundation for computer systems, speeding development and reducing implementation issues
  • ...when users and designers work together, ambiguities are clarified and sound definitions are hammered out
Gerry called his analytical technique Extended Relational Analysis. It was swiftly adopted by most major database software firms as their analytical methodology and was soon being taught around the world.

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