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Business Event Analysis & Modeling (BEAM™)

BEAM™ for Decision Support Systems

Extended Relational Analysis (ERA™)

Structured Query Language (SQL)

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What is User Focused Data Architecture?

JCK Course Offerings
Class Duration Summary
BEAM Introduction0.5 daysIntroductory class to Business Event Analysis & Modeling. Suitable for managers, users, and any interested party.
BEAM Basics1.5 daysComplete class in Business Event Analysis & Modeling. Learn how to completely model the events in a user situation. Suitable for designers, programmers, and power users. Requires BEAM Intro.
BEAM for Decision Support Systems2 daysComplete class in how to tune a Business Event Model for use as the foundation for a Decision Support System. Requires BEAM Intro and BEAM Basic.
Extended Relational Analysis Workshop3 daysComplete course in how to use ERA to interview users and capture their entities, relations, and attributes in a fully normalized data model. No prerequisites.
Extended Relational Analysis Overview0.5 daysIntroductory course in ERA concepts. Designed to explain basic principles of modeling entities, relations, and attributes. Suitable for managers, users, and interested users. No prerequisites.
Structured Query Language2 daysIntroduction to industry standard data manipulation and access language. Designed to take students from no exposure to reasonable proficiency. (onsite only, requires computer lab)