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What is User Focused Data Architecture?
Training is often the last thing considered in professional development, and usually one of the first things to be cut when the budget tightens.

This is a shame, since good training can tremendously increase the effectiveness of your most precious asset: your employees.

But this attitude is understandable, since training is so often expensive and mediocre. Technical training is dominated by big-name "student mills" with trainers who are often either moonlighting or marking time while waiting to get back to their technical careers.

Here at JCK, training has never been an afterthought. JCK began as a training consultancy, and to this day training remains the most vital aspect of our business. We are committed to bringing your staff the finest possible training, teaching them skills that will make them immediately productive at prices that usually undercut the student mills.

JCK has the advantage of skilled instructors with years of field experience backing their classroom time. But an even bigger advantage is our courses. JCK not only offers training in industry standard tools like SQL, but also provides exclusive offerings such as the acclaimed Business Event Analysis & Modeling® courses. We are also one of the only places you can get the venerable Extended Relational Analysis® classes - the premier user-focused data architecture class in the world. You can follow the links for further information about all these courses.

Keep in mind that the most critical thing about training is the instructor. Saying "an instructor is an instructor" is like saying "a doctor is a doctor". If your health is on the line, you want the best doctor you can find. Technical training is no different. Just because someone can execute some technical function doesn't mean that person can teach others. JCK's pride is its instructors, who are dedicated to insuring that you get what you pay for: well-trained students. Below are some comments made by our students regarding the caliber of our instructors:

Excellent teacher, content, & concepts! Bob L, Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Thanks to Roger for his excellent delivery of the course! Brent V, First Health Corporation

The instructor always found a very informative way to relate the subject material to very day ideas & examples. Excellent course! Angela J, Ford Motor Corporation

I found the instructor to be very interesting. Kathy L, General Motors

Roger was very thorough in his explanations and gave examples to make it easier to understand and grasp. He didn't just lecture, he made it more realistic. Lucy A, Coastal Corporation

Instructor was obviously well versed & well experienced in the subject. Tom N, St. John's Hospital

Roger is a very good instructor. He helps and encourages each one of us. Barb W, St. Clair County CMH

Best organized and presented training course I've taken. Linda W, FasPac Corporation

Roger did an excellent job. I would like information on other classes. Shawn G, LifeWay Publishing

Instructor was very, very knowledgeable. Glad to have been taught by him. His humor was a plus. Bonnie D, Ford Motor Corporation

Very beneficial, excellent presentation, well worth the time, excellent instructor. David S, University of Iowa

I've done a lot of data modeling. It is usually a very dull topic. The instructor added some appropriate humor to add a little fun to the class. Greg J, IBM Corporation