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What is User Focused Data Architecture?

What about my reporting tools? Aren't they good enough?

There are lots of good reporting tools out there, and they get more robust with every release. But while drag-and-drop interfaces and Query By Example can be swift and useful, they can also lead to trouble if you don't understand the SQL these tools are building. Also, since these tools are based on SQL, a better understanding of how they work with your database will help them run faster, more accurately, and more reliably. Learning SQL will only enhance your use of reporting tool like Crystal Reports.

My database vendor offers SQL training. Shouldn't I use them?

You can but you don't have to. Vendor-specific SQL training is often expensive and is usually somewhere else. Furthermore, it is typically designed to quickly move into teaching you that vendor's specific SQL dialect and enhancements thus tying you more closely to their product.

This may be great for them, but what if you use another vendor's database software as well? Or you use a different database for your decision support system? Or if you end up moving to different software using a different database management system?

JCK SQL training is vendor-independent. We stick with ANSI standards, avoid introducing vendor-specific peculiarities, and do not get into issues like script writing and API usage topics of interest to technicians but not very useful to others. We focus on taking users from zero knowledge of SQL to reasonable query proficiency in two simple days. This means that technicians, data administrators, even end users can benefit from SQL training.

JCK SQL training can be done on your site with the simplest of equipment a small training room or even a set of laptops can be equipped with the requisite software. Furthermore, bringing our instructor to your site is usually cheaper than sending your employees to a class in another city.


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